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We are four in one heart, with the last $76, we started!

As part of our vision for something different, my wife handmade a small teddy bear in South Dakota at the time, which sparked an idea. Our first products were created with a utility knife, some scrap leather, and a hand forged iron brand. Roughly stitched and slightly crooked, they functioned to represent our home state in an original way.

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Our Vision

It became clear to us when we started Daspill® that we wanted to do more than just sell dolls. Because of this, we have strived to create a brand that our customers trust and love, but one that also gives back to our team, our patrons, and our community as well. By getting more support for Daspill®, we can do a lot more.

We are a community

Customers have written and emailed us since day one telling us how Daspill® has given them strength, simple wisdom, or a much-needed laugh. Today, we celebrate this ever-growing community and all that makes them feel happy.

meet the founder

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